Since its establishment, Shin Wen Ching Metal continuously strives to produce alloys with the highest quality, and carry out its corporate responsibilities for the environment.
Chairman Huang, Wen Ching started a hardware retail business and ran the business with great integrity.
GM Huang, Qing Hai developed a secondary aluminum ingot manufacturing business and used a crucible furnace to melt aluminum alloys.
Purchased reverberatory furnace and casting equipment, adopted new production and management methods to reduce production cost and improve market competitiveness; the production and sales boosted and rose toward the peak. The Company achieved steady growth by adhering to Chairman Huang Wen Ching's principle of integrity and adopting GM Huang Qing Hai's business philosophy of customer and quality first.
To meet customer requirements and be set for market expansion, the Company upgraded production equipment, renovated the plant to 4,000 pings, purchased machines for raw material processing, continuous casting and automatic ingot stacking, and created a semi-automatic assembly, increasing annual production to 30,000 tons.
Responding to the development of the global market and the growing demand of aluminum ingots in the China market, GM Huang, Qing-Hai set up a plant in Dongguan City of China's Guangdong. The Dongguan plant produced an annual output of 20,000 tons.
To increase the customer base and provide diverse services to customers, the Company established the Aluminum Rod Production Division in Dongguan Plant during the industry switching in China.
To increase production capacity, the Company built a new plant in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park in Lugang District. The total land area of the plant is 9,000 pings. To improve production quality of aluminum alloy ingot, the Company set up a new energy-efficient reverberatory furnace, and purchased continuous casting and automatic ingot stacking machines and an aluminum filtration system. The plant increased annual output to 60,000 tons.
Set up a scrap aluminum cutting department, and purchased a 400 horsepower scrap aluminum crushing and separating machine. The melting speed of alloys increased; hence, greater energy efficiency was also achieved.
In line with government's energy-efficient and low carbon policy, the Company purchased gas fired combustion equipment.
Cooperated with Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., implemented a smelting system using oxygen blowing, and went completely into low carbon production, fulfilling the commitment on eco-friendly manufacturing.
Changhua Plant
ISO CertificationISO 9001:2015